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Somebody make a game with me?

2011-01-30 18:45:14 by Kool-Aid

Need a programmer. PM me.

New music

2010-08-27 18:49:41 by Kool-Aid

Listen to that shit n***a.

Too fucking bad I'm lazy.

2010-07-11 23:40:14 by Kool-Aid

Had a game going..It died. Again. This was like a long time ago I'm now just posting something because of my laziness and how i really have nothing better to do.

FFTS, New Songs

2009-09-02 19:20:52 by Kool-Aid

I put some new songs up... you guys should all vote on them and leave reviews. I like reading reviews. Anyway, Depredation has taken over Food For The Soul, completely redoing the coding, and in AS3. Expect that done in..about a week? Hopefully.

This is also an old screenshot, the art is redone.

FFTS, New Songs

Clock Day is over.

2009-08-16 02:49:53 by Kool-Aid

Bah i got as much save points as i could.

Anyway, check out my new art, and expect a new game soon. (not involving the art)

Also, if you haven't played Toss The Turtle yet, i highly suggest you do. It's an incredibly fun addictive game.

Clock Day is over.


2009-08-15 00:57:14 by Kool-Aid

Now it's time to get my free protection points.

Also, my family is all passed out after being extremely piss drunk..

It's been a good day.

Title says it all. I'm bored. About to die, i need comments to live.

I know all you happy people want me alive.

Donutmaster & I - Bounce 3

2009-07-10 05:36:48 by Kool-Aid

Yup, were making a sequel to Bounce 2. This time in space! We didn't wanna make another Bounce game until the bounce code was fixed, which it now is. Screenshot

I'm also making a game with Depredation, I'll update on that later.

Donutmaster & I - Bounce 3

I wanna make another game.

2009-07-05 20:55:20 by Kool-Aid

I'll do the art. You code. PM me.

Art Jawns

2009-06-19 21:28:31 by Kool-Aid

Sup yallz. I submitted a picture in the art forum. Go vote on it!! In other news, Food For The Soul better be done soon. It should be. PEACE.